The NHSPI aims to provide an accurate portrayal of the nation’s health security using relevant, actionable information to help guide efforts to achieve a higher level of health security and preparedness.

The 2020 Index is the seventh in a series of annual releases of data and analysis on national health security and preparedness. The first two Index releases in December 2013 and December 2014 were supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; beginning with the third release in April 2016, support for the Index was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with the Program Management Office located at the University of Kentucky. Expert workgroups provide input and feedback on Index production throughout the year, while a National Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Foundation and Program Management Office on strategic issues.

  • Our Mission & Background

    National health security is defined as “a state in which the nation and its people are prepared for, protected from, and resilient in the face of health threats or incidents with potentially negative health consequences.” The National Health Security Preparedness Index examines America's preparedness efforts by looking collectively at the health security preparedness of states. The Index is updated annually to accurately reflect the nation's progress in preparing for, preventing, and responding to potential health incidents.

  • Program Management Office Personnel

    The National Health Security Preparedness Index is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Program Management Office for the Index is based at the Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado and staffed through a collaboration with the Center for Business and Economic Research, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of KentuckyUniversity of Kentucky and staffed through a collaboration between the Center for Public Health Systems and Services Research, College of Public Health and the Center for Business and Economic Research, Gatton College of Business and Economics.

  • National Advisory Committee

    The Index National Advisory Committee draws expertise from the many sectors working to improve U.S. health security and preparedness. Drawing from these diverse expert perspectives provides the Foundation and program management office with key and varied insights about Index strategic operations and future directions.

  • Culture of Health

    Good health is the bedrock of prosperity. It allows individuals to make the most of the opportunities presented to them, and it fuels the nation’s economic growth. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is dedicated to building a society where attaining the best health possible is a fundamental and guiding social value that helps define American culture. In a Culture of Health, promoting health is as important as treating illness, high-quality health care is available to everyone where and when they need it, and the health of all of our children is a matter of fact and not a matter of chance. Just as importantly, in a Culture of Health, every community in the country is prepared for, actively preventing, and ready to respond to health incidents quickly, effectively, and collaboratively. In so doing, communities will serve and protect every individual while fostering a healthy and resilient nation.