Index Program Office at the University of Kentucky


Glen Mays, PhD, MPH
Scutchfield Endowed Professor of Health Services and Systems Research

Deputy Director

Anna Goodman Hoover, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health

Data Analyst

Michael Childress, MS
Research Associate, Center for Business and Economic Research


Dominique Zephyr, MS
Department of Statistics

Project Staff

Jeff Spradling, MA
Project Manager

Nurlan Kussainov, MPA
Data Management Specialist

Sarah Vos, PhD
Research Analyst


Workgroup Chair

Analytic Methodology and Model Design

Chris Nelson, PhD, RAND


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Program Officer

Lori Grubstein, MPH, MSW, MPA

Vice President, Research-Evaluation-Learning and Chief Science Officer

Alonzo L. Plough, PhD, MPH