Help improve the National Health Security Preparedness Index by sharing your expertise. The Index was initially developed through a collaborative process involving more than 30 partner organizations, and it continues to benefit from the active engagement of public, private, and non-profit expertise. User resources, presentations and publications, and background materials on the 2018 release of the Index can be found in the Toolkit.

Here are some ways that you can get involved in the Index:

The Index Analytic Methodology and Model Design Workgroup plays important roles in proposing and sharing insights on potential methodological and model updates, as well as Index use and application in real-world settings. Workgroup membership is open, and regular meetings are conducted online.

Targeted Think-tanks and Ad Hoc Workgroups are recruited to provide expertise on emerging measurement, communication and engagement issues. An Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) think-tank was convened to examine composition of that Index domain and generate suggestions for new data sources to improve EOH measurement at the state level. Another think–tank was convened to discuss potential data sources and health security measures for local jurisdictions.

The online Open Call for Measures is widely promoted in July and August each year to solicit recommendations for new measures, changes to existing measures, and/or measure removals for the following year’s Index release; however, suggestions are welcome year-round via the online submission tool.

The Public Comment Period on Suggested Index Changes seeks broad input each fall on recommendations surfaced through the Index workgroups and think-tanks, the Call for Measures, and other channels.

An on-line multi-stage Delphi Process is used annually with a panel of experts to determine the importance of each Index measure, subdomain, and domain to national preparedness and health security; these judgements determine the weights assigned to each Index measure for use in constructing the subdomain, domain, and overall composite scores. See the 2018 Release Methodology for more information.

Index Webinars offer an opportunity to participate and explore how the Index can inform prioritization, collaboration, and communication activities designed to strengthen health protections.

To learn more about these opportunities or join the list for Index updates, contact [email protected]. You can also follow us on Twitter, @NHSPI, for the latest Index updates and webinars.